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Pedals | Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz 

Just to clear the signals out, these stomps are in the same category but play different roles on your board. Here’s a quick rundown on the Overdrive, Distortion, and Fuzz pedals. 



Get those gritty sounds out of a tube amp and hear those notes cut through the mix. The overdrive pedals emulate a maxed-out amp by putting the guitar signal through different stages of clipping, producing that cranked-up sound while being in control of the volume. 
Uses: push an already overdriven amp, clean boost, light overdrive box as the amp stays clean 



The distortion pedal alters the overall audio signal to make it rougher, giving it more oomph for rock, punk rock, and heavy metal musicians. Though similar to an overdrive pedal circuit, distortion pedals add more clipping to the signal, producing a more consistent signal. 
Uses: adds compression, can boost the signal as well, or completely transform your signal to create face-melting solos 



Fuzz boxes emphasize higher frequencies and manage the middle frequencies giving harmonic overtones space to dominate the overall sound. Fuzz tones may be harder to distinguish in a dense band mix - but the saturated sound is undeniable. Because of this, fuzz boxes are often best for rhythm guitarists who don't have to cut through the mix. 
Uses: for massive harmonic saturation, rhythm guitarists, CHAOS in a box 



Featured Guitar | Tagima Brazil New Blues 


If you are looking for a quality instrument with a unique tone and design, have a look at Tagima Brazil's gear lineup.  
Tagima revolutionized the musical instrument industry in Brazil, competing on equal terms with famous international brands with their extensive efforts in producing quality instruments for both local and foreign artists with the use of local resources. On their team is Marcio Zaganin, Brazil’s most renowned luthier is currently responsible for production, quality control, and new product development. 
Designed with solo artist Marcinho Eiras, the Two-Handed Tapping genius from Brazil. Tagima Brazil’s New Blues Tele is a different kind of beast. Equipped with a dual humbucker partnered with a tune-o-matic bridge cradled in a semi-hollow body made from the finest quality wood from Brazil, South America, this axe can cover all genres with ease. 


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