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TONE TALK | Guitar Care and Maintenance

Learning how to play an instrument is one thing, but learning how to keep it sounding and looking as good as you bought it is another. For us guitar players, we just want to get straight to playing and rocking out. But we need a functional, working guitar in order to perform in the first place. Taking maintenance seriously lets us get the best out of our instruments. Having it sound, look and feel its best all times will save us time and money in the long run.

Storage and Moisture

It's given that you have to keep your instrument safe from getting damaged. But we also have to take into account the humidity in where we store our instruments. Most instruments are made constructed using wood, and wood reacts to how humid or dry the air is.

Higher humidity means more moisture, this excess moisture causes the wood to swell, which can result in joins separating at various points of the guitar (the bridge for example can start to lift), and the action becoming noticeably less playable.

Dryness on the other hand is potentially much more serious. When wood suffers from a severe lack of moisture it shrinks, which can result in cracks in the guitar's top or a warped neck. If the guitar is flat or worse, slightly sunken, then you should take action.

If you have a number of guitars stored in cases, do consider a moisture control packet that can help absorb the moisture instead of your guitar. But if you have them displayed and showcased, you may want to consider a dehumidifier just to control the humidity in the room.

Clean and Polish Your Guitar

Cleaning your guitar is one of the most basic and most important parts of effective guitar maintenance. Every guitar deserves a regular clean and will feel better to play as a result. Sweat, dead skin, and the natural oils in your skin can all have an effect on your guitar's appearance and playability, For a more thorough clean, there are countless specialized guitar cleaning products available out there. Just be sure to read the label and make sure the cleaner is suitable for your particular guitar and finish.

Regular String Changes and Fretboard Conditioning

The strings are the ones producing the sound for you. Regular string changes will help you maintain the sound that you've created for yourself and it will also give you the chance to maintain your instrument such as cleaning and conditioning the fretboard.

Unlike the body of your guitar, the fingerboard is almost always left unfinished and unsealed. That's why it's often the first area to show the effects of dryness, and the main way of avoiding this is by periodically conditioning the fingerboard with a guitar-specific product. While you're at it, polish the fret wires to make them look good as new.

Periodical Setup and Checkup

Now not everyone can set up their instruments, knowing how to play an instrument does not necessarily mean that you know how to set one up. That said, a regular trip to your guitar tech may do wonders for your instrument. The basic setup service includes string change, cleaning, truss rod adjustment, string height (action) adjustment, and intonation.


When a quality guitar maker pushes for excellence and still considers the budget of the buyer, you get the TYMA TD-28E. Made with carefully chosen wood and materials then crafted with precision. The TD-28E is at par with the known brands but without breaking the bank. This all-solid guitar can easily make notes sing. The volume and sustain that the TD-28E generates si something to behold. Tyma thought about everything, equipped with the famous Tyma T-200 preamp and pickup, and the guitar comes with a gig-ready hard case which means you can play shows anywhere without worrying about the safety of your guitar. Drop by Guitar Pusher and try one out! Or book a GP Online Concierge appointment to learn more.


Model: TD-28
Body: Dreadnought
Panel: Solid North American Sitka spruce (panel reinforced resonance technology, heat treatment technology)
Panel sound beam: TYMA patented Double V-shaped structure
Back and side panels: Solid Indian Rosewood veneer
Neck: African Peach Core
Neck to body: Bolt type / barrel separate handle process
Head veneer: Indian ebony
Fingerboard: Indian Ebony
Music code: Indian ebony
Fingerboard inlay: white shell
Body wrap: ABS
Rosette: ABS
Upper pillow: bovine bone
Lower pillow: bovine bone
Upper pillow width: 43mm
Tunes: High-precision Open Type
Guard plate: thickened arc edge tortoise shell
Lacquer: bright wood color
Scale length: 650mm
Strings: Elixir 16052
Case: Hard case



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