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Guitar Pusher aims to provide the best guitars and gear online at a competitive price.  We are always looking for the best products that meet the discerning taste of today’s guitarists.  Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, we have the guitars and the gear that are perfect for you. 

The term Guitar Pusher was coined in reference to our main man’s knack for “pushing” guitars.  He has the unique ability to know which equipment will suit you as a musician at a price that is hard to resist.  He did that for his friends, now he can do the same thing for you…

From the time we sold our first guitar in the summer of 2012, we have not taken a break since!  We started by selling fine Epiphone guitars and Goldea all-tube amplifiers.  We’ve then expanded our portfolio and have gained the trust of a distinguished roster of imported and local guitar and gear makers, some even made us the exclusive distributor of their products in the Philippines.  We now carry Chapman Guitars (UK), Legator Guitars (USA), Maestro Singapore hand-crafted acoustic guitars and ukuleles, Baton Rouge Acoustic Guitars and ukuleles (Germany), Tagima Guitars (Brazil), Bareknuckle Pickups (UK), Graphtech parts (Canada), Phoebus acoustic guitars (China), Bareknuckle Pickups (UK), K&K Pickups (USA), Pedaltrain Pedalboards (USA) through Pedal Peddler, Mono hybrid guitar and gear bags (through Nelldenmusic), Ruru guitar straps, Shredhead by MarkV and Elliott Lemi Acoustic Pickups.  We have also partnered with Micsis Guitar Spot and Papi's Guitar for guitar customization and luthier services, as well as the legendary Raul Quesada for amplifier tuning and repair.  We also supply to many guitar shops like Guitar Harbor (Manila), Dane Alfonso (Bulacan), Soundwaves Studio (Angeles City), and Guitar 1 (QC).

Playing is one thing and pushing is another. It can be tiring… Especially if pushing is done part time and on top of our day jobs!  But we are fueled by passion and by our love for guitars. Just like us, we want you to experience the joy of owning and using great gear. That keeps us moving… that keeps us pushing.

In our commitment to provide the best possible guitar, we provide basic action setup.  We believe that inspiration comes from the ecstasy of playing well setup instruments that is why we go to great lengths just to improve the playability of each guitar that comes out of our HQ. We are guitar players too so when know how it feels to have a well-playing instrument. That is the Guitar Pusher guarantee.

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