Here are some of the most common questions asked.  We hope you find your answers here.  

Q:  How do I transact with Guitar Pusher?

You may transact via the following options: 1) Visit us at the HQ (by appointment),  2) Have items shipped to you  or if the item that you like is not available, we can 3) Order it for you.  Please follow this link for more details:  https://www.guitarpusher.com/pages/how-to-order


Q:  Are your guitars original / authentic?

All our GUITARS are authentic.  We only sell authentic guitars.


Q:  Does your guitars have truss rod?  Is it low action?

Yes, all our guitars have truss rod and we setup all our guitars for low action to ensure you will have a great time playing the guitar out of the box.

Q:  What is the scope of the guitar setup?

We perform the following setup for every guitars that we ship.  (1) Neck adjustment - we setup the neck straight by default, (2) Nut action adjustment - we file the nut slots to maintain optimum feel at the first fret and to lower the overall action (3) In some cases (as needed), we lower the saddles to finalize the action setup.  Note that since the guitar is made of wood, it will always need adjustment so each guitar comes with a truss rod adjusment tool.

Q:  Where are your Epiphones made?

ALL EPIPHONES sold around the world are either made in China or Made in Indonesia.  The Epiphones that we sell are Made In China, sourced from authorized China dealers.  Most products these days are made in China and we believe that quality is a product of the MANUFACTURER, and NOT THE COUNTRY OF MANUFACTURE.


Q:  What is a dreadnought?  What is 000 or OM?   What is the difference between PG-20 and PG-30?  PG-40 and PG-50?

We hope you will find the illustration below helpful (click the picture to enlarge)



Answer:  Yes, you can use credit card two ways

  1. When you buy online from this website, select Paypal/Credit Card payment method and enter your credit card details before check out.
  2. Enroll your credit card via Paypal.  Check this link for instructions:  https://www.guitarpusher.com/paypal/

Q: What is the difference between ACTIVE and PASSIVE acoustic guitar pickups?

The most simple answer is that active pickup systems require power (batteries) while passive do not.  Please check this link for more info: https://www.guitarpusher.com/products/elliot-lemi-ac-1nb-acoustic-clear-bridgeplate-pickup-black?variant=43018470535



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