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GUITAR TALK | Rosewood and Maple Fretboards

When you are shopping for a new electric or bass guitar, one of the considerations you must take is which fingerboard you will choose: Maple or Rosewood. Now, where do you go from here? In this issue, we will be looking at the two most common fretboards to help you in your decision.

Unmistakable for its dark hue, Rosewood is known to be soft on the fingers despite its reputation as a hard-wearing wood. This naturally oily fretboard can go through a lot of heavy gigging. Since rosewood is more porous than other materials commonly used for fretboards, it evens out a treble-heavy body tone and it also adds an amount of overtone to an otherwise harsh voice. Most noticeably when new strings are installed. You can never go wrong with a rosewood fretboard.

Maple necks usually come with a glossy finish that stops the neck from warping.  An interesting fact about maple fretboards is their ability to tarnish over time. Now for some musicians, this may appear dirty or ugly, but for others, it’s the desired effect of frequent playing and can be a source of pride. This dense, small pored, and thin-grained wood comes in different varieties: standard, flamed and birdseye.  This neck offers a brighter, zestier tone that offers greater sustain. Often described as having a tighter top end and a more reflective sound.

Some players swear that they can hear the tonal difference and some couldn’t care less. In the end, it all boils down to personal preference. As long as you think the instrument looks, feels and sounds good for your style of playing, we say go for it!


FEATURED BASS | Lakland Skyline Series

Lakland (pronounced as Lake-Land), has been building bass guitars in Chicago since 1994. A company that invests in technology and innovation to give their client an unparalleled experience in playing their instruments. The family-owned company listens not only to their instruments but also to the people who play them. The company’s goal is “Anything they can do better, they will do better.”
- Countless musicians swear by the Lakland basses for their PRICE, QUALITY, and VERSATILITY. Check out our line up and we are confident that Lakland will be a mainstay in your arsenal of instruments.




As musicians get better and more creative with their playing techniques, bass and guitar players find it necessary to find ways to control the sympathetic ringing of strings. The guys from Gruv Gear came up with a simple yet effective way to replace the hair tie by attaching a soft pad to an adjustable strap that fits on the neck of any guitar or bass. Fretwraps are not just for those tappers and thumpers; Fretwraps are for all types of genres and playing styles. They don’t only look cool, but they also complement your instrument with different colors and designs.

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