Aston Shield GN Premium Pop Filter and Gooseneck


  • ₱2,500.00




Product Description

Main Features:
  • Ultimate pop reduction

  • Solid stainless steel pop shield with ‘Hextech’ filter holes

  • Ultra-fast mounting system

  • Mounts to any stand

  • Deluxe gooseneck

  • Hygienic washable filter

  • Large surface area

Shield GN

The Aston Shield GN pop filter has been engineered to give you a perfect fit on any mic stand in seconds and has one of the best quality goose-necks you’ll ever see… no more limp or hanging pop shields, no more fiddly thumb screws… 

The Aston Shield has a big, sturdy, crocodile clip to mount quickly and easily onto mic stands of any shape or size, and has an exceptionally well-engineered goose-neck support with a matte-black rubberised finish, which stays exactly where you put it. You’ll LOVE using this product.

The pop filter itself features a unique, solid stainless steel shield, with precisely acid etched hexagonal filter holes, to give crystal clear vocals, with a perfect acoustic performance for plosive (pop) control. It also presents a large surface area and curves around the mic, so vocalist movement is never an issue.


The Aston Shield is also available separately as an add-on version, adapted specifically to fit the Aston Swift shock mount. Perfecting your vocal tracking, and giving a real touch of class to your mic set up, the Aston Shield is a must-have accessory for every studio.


Key quotes:

“There's a lot of wisdom in buying once and buying well to last; this is what the Shield GN offers.”

“The Aston Shield GN is offering something generally more stable, reliable, professional-looking, aesthetically-pleasing (YMMV), and, a product better-suited, acoustically, to modern music production.This is a big boy's filter – not something that sounds like old socks.”

“The Aston Shield's bright neutrality is a good new take on a traditional problem. Due to the Shield curvature light usually passes through whatever the angle.”

“No filter might overload the mic; the trad filter 'under-loads' it; and the Aston Shield strikes a balance.”

“The Shield GN is much more robust and stylish than trad designs.”

“…the efficiency of the HexTech in distributing unwanted vocal energy across the surface of the Shield which helps attenuate those plosives.”

“Once again, Aston's design and engineering is pushing the envelope.”

“The HexTech system, robustness and cleanable finish add to the value. The clamp is strong; the gooseneck has good balance between flexibility and stability. It looks pro (logo included) and I'm sure it's more inviting to a vocalist than granny's tights.”

“It does what a popshield is supposed to do, very well...and it's pushing things a bit further. Forty quid for an effective, smart-looking popshield that'll last a lifetime probably? Perhaps not if you like the popshield to filter out stuff (although, in theory, you could put some Granny's tights over the Shield if you like that sound) but the Shield will let you hear your vocals and gear as is

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