Wilkinson m series "Low Gauss" Ceramic Stratocaster BRIDGE Pickup


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Product Description

“M” series pickups wil give your entry-level “double-cut” S style guitar that desirable hot texas tone made legendary by the likes of famous texas guitar slingers. Choosing the full set will give you the benefit of three calibrated pickups which matches the output of the pickups from Neck to Bridge and the added bonus of a RW/RP middle pickup giving you hum cancelling sounds in positions 2 and 4. Entry level guitars never sounded this HOT!

  • 50mm pole spacing, wax potted.
  • Middle pickup is reverse wound/reverse polarity, delivers a humcancelling feature
  • High output single coils voiced for extra mid range, great for overdriven tones
  • Magnet: Ceramic;D.C. Resistance: 6.4K. Black wire is ground, yellow wire is hot
 Package includes screws and springs. The screws might not fit all guitars.
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