Wilkinson m Series Classic Alnico BRIDGE Humbucker Pickup


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Product Description

The Classic “PAF” is probably the most famous Humbucking pickups of all time. Actually only produced for about 4 years there are so many replicas of this mythical pickup available its difficult to know which one to choose. To keep it simple I asked Seth Lover ( the inventor) what he did to make this pickup so special. This is what he told me. 

  • This popular overwound open style humbucking pickup fits most electric guitar, like Fender,PRS,G&L,Ibanez,ESP,Jackson,etc. neck/ Bridge position
  • Genuine Wilkinson parts. 50mm/52mm pole spacing for neck and bridge, wax potted 
  • Vintage tone, a big fat sound, with tons of harmonics and character. Alnico V magnets provide incredible focus and dynamics
  • Magnet: Alnico V. D.C. Resistance:  7.6k(Neck)/ 14.1K(Bridge).
  • Four conductor wires, black wire is ground, yellow wire is hot, red and white is for splitting coil
  • Screws Included

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