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WD Tele Bridge Humbucker


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Product Description

This is a very contemporary looking Tele® Humbucker bridge similar to the design of GTC201 model but with a slightly wider mounting plate to accomodate the larger size needed for a full size humbucker pickup. This bridge has greater mass which in turn will add to tone and sustain not to mention it being a very attractive modification to replace a single coil pickup. The six individual saddles allow for improved intonation adjustment unlike the original 3 saddle Tele®. Mounting plate is flat and heavy unlike the typical vintage stamped ashtray bridge making it more comfortable to play like the modern Fender Tele bridge. Uses 4 mounting screws. Available in Black, Chrome and Gold plating. Brass baseplate with Stainless steel milled saddles.

Important Dimensions

Width = 3 1/2 inches
Length = 3 61/64 inches
String to string spacing = 10.5 mm 
Overall string spacing = 52.5 mm
Individual Saddle width = 10.5 mm

Uses same mounting screw pattern and string thru hole placement as a vintage USA manufactured Fender Telecaster bridge for easy conversion to a humbucking bridge pickup but you will have to rout the body to mount the humbucking pickup and worm the string thru body holes out under the bridge side to accommodate a slightly smaller string spacing.

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