WD Pickguard for Fender Stratocaster


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  • SKU: WDST-201T-USA8H-01T


Product Description

Please note that this pickguard will only fit genuine U.S. production Fender® Stratocaster® or Made in Mexico Fender® Stratocasters® post 2002 production. It will not fit Squier® or any other imported Fender® Stratocaster® instrument from Korea, China, Indonesia or Japan. Available with 8 or 11 mounting holes, Floyd Rose® or standard bridge rout, or anything you can imagine. Upcharges may apply. If you choose the vintage eight mounting hole pattern the guard will be cut with ALL holes including switch and height adjustment for the pickups countersunk. The 11 hole version which is a standard Fender US replacement does not have the height adjustments or switch holes countersunk. While many manufacturers may make a similar model instrument, this does not mean each pickguard of this type is interchangeable. If the design of your pickguard varies (country of origin, manufactured date, non-Fender® manufactured) from that pictured, you will need CONSULT WITH YOUR LUTHIER OR GUITAR TECH TO RETROFIT THESE PICKGUARDS TO YOUR GUITAR.

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