WD Custom Roller Saddle Tune-O-Matic Bridge


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Product Description

WD® Custom Roller Saddle Tune-O-Matic Bridge

WD®'s tune-o-matic roller saddle bridge. Get the best out of your tremolo tailpiece because the strings roll over the saddles instead of dragging and hanging up on notched saddles. Complete with large metric threaded studs and inserts.

  • String pitch 10.2mm
  • E to E Spacing 51mm
  • Post to Post Spacing 74mm
  • Large diameter Metric studs and inserts included 7.7mm
  • Stud top is equivalent to US small post size meaning you can use your original US studs.
  • Adjustable saddle location for intonation via allen screws which lock saddle in place
  • Overall insert length is 27/32 inch including lip
  • 49/64 inch length not including insert lip
  • Saddle heights radiused to 14 inch

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