TC Helicon GO XLR MIC Dynamic Broadcast Microphone with Integrated Pop Filter

TC Helicon

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Product Description


Dynamic Broadcast Microphone with Integrated Pop Filter

Product Features

  • Professional dynamic XLR microphone
  • Highly directional to minimize background noise
  • Built-in adjustable height pop filter
  • Dual articulate joints to perfectly position the mic in your setup
  • Swap out the silver ring for one of 9 colored rings to match your GoXLR setup
GoXLR MIC – Professional Broadcast Microphone
GoXLR MIC – Professional Broadcast Microphone

The GoXLR MIC is a streaming enthusiast’s dream come true! With ultra-low-noise design, this professional-quality dynamic microphone is an excellent choice for any broadcasting scenario. The GoXLR MIC provides incredible high-quality performance and is rugged enough to go the distance with a heavy-duty multi-adjustable mount.

Universally Adjustable
Universally Adjustable

GoXLR MIC is designed for perfect positioning via a 3-dimensional adjustment mechanism.
Dual articulation locking joints allow precise control for fine-tuning the position of your mic for any setup. The sliding pop filter height is adjustable via an accessible thumb screw.

Why the GoXLR MIC?
Why the GoXLR MIC?

GoXLR MIC doesn’t just look great; it’s a powerful recording tool with an almost flat 50 Hz to 18 kHz frequency response, a highly directional super-cardioid polar pattern, and a high-quality transducer and gold plated XLR output.

Accent Rings
Accent Rings

Customize your streaming rig by swapping out the silver anodized ring with one of 9 colored accent rings. Replace the ring color to match your mood, or your streaming room color-scheme. Replacement is very simple – first remove the pop filter, then unscrew the nut from the base of the mic to swap the ring.


Super-Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

Frequency response

50 Hz to 18 kHz


300 Ohms


Gold-Plated XLR


-74 dB


485 g

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