Stringjoy Acoustic Guitar String Set Super Light - Natural Bronze 11s (11-52)


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OurSuper Light gauge is remarkably flexible, while still projecting very well. Particularly for these strings, if youve been a .012s player it well worth it to try out a lighter gauge, since our Natural bronze alloy will give you a lot of the fullness youd typically associate with a heavier gauge.

Our Natural Bronze alloy is a particular take on Phosphor Bronze, aimed to reveal the authentic, woody characteristics of an acoustic guitar. It this rich copper alloy thatgives these strings a distinctly warm, resonant tone, and also a beautiful rose gold color. As an added bonus, component agents in this alloymake these strings especially resistant to corrosion.

Give your own acoustic the strings it deserves, a set that will bring out its natural character and keep it sounding great for longer.

.011 - .015 - .022w - .030 - .040 - .052

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