Stringjoy Acoustic Guitar String Set Super Light - Bright Brass 11s (11-52)


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Product Description

Our Super Light gauge is remarkably flexible, while still projecting very well. Particularly for these strings, if you’ve been a .012s player it’s well worth it to try out a lighter gauge, since our Bright Brass alloy will give you the presence you need to be heard, even with a lighter gauge.

Our Bright Brass is an 80/20 Bronze alloy that gives your acoustic guitar the present, punchy, articulate tone it needs to cut through any mix. Equally suited to fingerstyle and picked techniques, this is the perfect choice for any player that requires a crisp, brilliant top-end, with an equally vibrant low-end.

Give your own acoustic the strings it deserves, a set that will make it stand out from the crowd. Hit the big blue button below to add these to your cart.


Gauges: .011 – .015 – .022w – .030 – .040 – .052
Want to customize? Check out our Custom Bright Brass Acoustic Guitar String Sets.

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