Scuru S5 Rechargeable Mini Practice Amp for Bass with Effects and Power Supply


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Product Description


  • Specifically made for Bass Guitar - can endure low end even slapping
  • 5 watts power amp can fill up a small room with sound.  Perfect for practice or light jamming.
  • Built-in 18650 Rechargeable battery, Can recharge with a 9v 1a power adaptor,providing up to 3 hours working time.
  • Clean, Chorus and Boost effect.  Boost is not volume boost, but tone shaping boost.
  • Headphones out for silent practice
  • Aux in for music player
  • Comes with 9V power supply, stereo aux cable and 3 DC power cables to power external effect pedals.
  • Perfect for practicing when no amp is around
  • Rock out pag brown out!

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