Power All Angled Barrel Adaptor Cable 10.5 inches

Power All

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Product Description

Included in the Power-All System and also sold separately, the Cable-Black/R allows the user to power over-sized effect units or units w/AC jacks in hard-to-reach places off of the Power-All Daisy Chain. The Cable-Black can be connected to any plug on any Power-All daisy chain, or directly to the PA-9 itself.

Plug: 5.5 mm W x 10 mm L with 2.1 mm internal diameter and spring-loaded plug. Length: 267 mm (approximately 10.5 inches) between plugs.

Whether you’re using the Power-All digital Power Supply or another manufacturers’ multi-output power brick, Power-All cables are the best way to assure that your pedals are getting the power they need - when and where they need it.

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