Omega Drive JCM Style Drive Pedal


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Product Description

Introducing the Omega Drive by Rabatech!

Built for the most discriminating guitarists; this little beast packs with it the very essence of the Thunder God himself, breaking mountain and Earth apart with every strum of your mighty axe. Zeus has chosen the thunder of the Marshall JCM800 to model this pedal after and by Hephaestus' crafting magic an almost UNCANNY recreation of the mortal amplifier hath been created.

Behold, mortals, the Gods themselves have gifted you with the blessings of Mt. Olympus itself. You are afforded a 3-band EQ and a Presence knob to give you all the freedom to tailor your tone as you see fit. From a whisper to the Thunder, your new Omega Drive can handle all angles of the Tonal Spectrum. The Premium metal chasis was selected specifically for the rigors of #giglife and all the epic stompage your set will undoubtedly bring. The Omega Drive is also outfitted with True Bypass switching to preserve your tonal integrity and only the finest materials are used in every pedal; from the input and output jacks to the pots used for the knobs.


  • Marshall JCM800 2203 Preamp
  • 3-Band EQ 
  • Presence Knob for tonal filtering 
  • Premium Metal Chasis 
  • Premium Knob Potentiometers
  • Premium Jacks and Internals
  • High Quality True Bypass Switching
  • 100% Hand Made 
  • Lifetime warranty

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