Nordstrand Audio BigRig 5 Bartolini P2, 19mm, 5-String Bass Pickup Set

Nordstrand Audio BigRig 5 Bartolini P2, 19mm, 5-String Bass Pickup Set

Nordstrand Audio

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Product Description

The BigRig came to be through an organic and productive conversation with bassist Alberto Rigoni. What developed from this vocal clash of creative energy was a hum-canceling pickup with offset pole pieces; the coils working to sense different parts of string movement, resulting in a multidimensional tone that veers from the usual comb filter mode cancelation effectwhich is what can sometimes cause humbuckers to sound a bit flat. This pickup's tone is open, detailed, and elegant, all the while supplying the player with tons of texture and complexity that pays homage to the vintage 51 P that its design stems from. String spacing is crucial when it comes to this pickup, so in order to capture the full effect of this pickup's succulent tone, be sure to double check your spacing.

Technical Details:

  • Hum-canceling 5 string bass pickup.
  • Angled pole pieces
  • Available in Alnico III or V magnets:
    • Alnico III: will provide a blanket of warmth for your pickup, giving it a slightly softer character.
    • Alnico V: all around brighter, punchier, and meaner (Standard).
  • 19mm string spacing standard.
  • Laser cut, fiber bobbins.
  • Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone.
  • Available in soapbar covers.

    History: The BigRig is of caveman roots—a combination of the vintage 51 P design enhanced with modern, innovative, and creative pickup science. The pickup winding technicians who work at the shop simply cannot believe the amount of sonic dimension in these pickups, and so have come to the conclusion that the only possible way for them to exist is through some sort of traverse through time; perhaps an expedition conducted by Carey Nordstrand and Alberto Rigoni that led them through the realm of vintage tone as they painted it with modern science and tone chasing gusto. The result of this endeavor is what has come to be Rigoni’s signature pickup: the refined Big Rig.

    Magnet Types:

    Alnico III magnets differ from Alnico V in that they are warmer with a softer character. Think of them like a 60’s J style sound taken even further down the warm and fat path. Alnico V by contrast is brighter, cleaner and punchier, and will have a more wiry, stringy character. As another example, we’d recommend A3 for fretless or a fat 60’s Jaco type thing and A5 is great for a modern slap type thing or an R and B sound.

    Alnico V comes standard.


    P2 Shape:

    Length: 4.27” (108.46 mm)

    Width: 1.27” (32.36 mm)

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