K&K Quantum Blend Multi-Pickup Preamp

K&K Quantum Blend Multi-Pickup Preamp


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Product Description

The Quantum Blender is our top-of-the-line two-channel preamp/mixer that provides all the control and features you could ever want to combine a piezo transducer with a microphone, magnetic pickup, or another piezo pickup.

Channel 1 is switchable between microphone and pickup impedance. This means it can be used with any 2-wire powered lavalier type condenser mic or with a piezo or magnetic pickup. A dynamic mic can be used as well with an appropriate microphone impedance matching transformer. Channel 2 is designed with K&K's Pure pickup in mind, but it works well with most piezo transducers.

The two channels are fully independent and each feature a powerful 3-band EQ (treble, mid, bass), phase switch, and gain and volume controls. Gain controls allow you to adjust the input sensitivity of each channel. The phase switch is one of the most important tools for live sound amplification of any acoustic instrument. The Quantum Blender allows for maximum phase control to ensure that both the input and output signals are in optimum phase.

Phase switches are usually marketed as a feedback-controlling device, but they accomplish more than just that. Every acoustic instrument projects sound waves in a certain phase. The phase that is projected out of the amplified speaker source needs to be "in phase" with the acoustic instrument's own soundwaves or the result will not be optimal. If the amp projects in the opposite phase, the acoustic instrument will fight its own sound and no balanced tone can develop. Round and warm tone is only achieved when acoustic and amplified sound oscillate in the same phase.

Inputs:Stereo 1/4" line input | 2 individual mono 1/4" line inputs

Outputs:Balanced XLR Mix Out (carries both channels) | Line level 1/4" Mix out (carries both channels) | Individual 1/4" line outputs of channel 1 and 2

Effect Loop:The effect loop allows for connecting to an effect unit (like reverb) via a special 1/4" stereo cable with a stereo plug on one side and two mono 1/4" plugs on the other side.


EQ Frequencies Channel 1:
- Bass : 100 Hz (high pass filter) +/- 18 dB
- Midrange : 1500 Hz (band pass filter) +/- 12dB
- Treble : 8000 Hz (low pass filter) +/- 18 dB

EQ Frequencies Channel 2:
- Bass : 100 Hz (high pass filter) +/- 15 dB
- Midrange : 1500 Hz (band pass filter) +/- 18dB
- Treble : 10 000 Hz (low pass filter) +/- 15 dB

Frequency Response:
- Channel 1: 10Hz to 35KHz.
- Channel 2: 10Hz to 35KHz.

Distortion: Less than 0.005% @ 1KHz
Signal to noise ratio: - 85dB - A weighted, referred to nominal - 20dBV input

Input Impedance:
- Channel 1 pickup: 1 Meg Ohms.
- Channel 1 mic: 3 Kilo Ohms.
- Channel 2 transducer: 1 Meg Ohms.

Mic Power: 9 volt DC max
Power source: 12 volt DC - 700 milli amp minimum - positive center contact

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