Joyo R-14 Atmosphere Guitar Effect Pedal


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Product Description

ATMOSPHERE features 9 built-in digital reverb types, including SPRING, CHURCH, PLATE, EKO-VERB, SHIMMER, COMET, REWIND, FOREST, PULSE, apart from the traditional MIX, DECAY and TONE adjustment, it has Modulation effects depth control dedicated for Modulation effects. The TRAIL function switch is for switching on the Trail function, allowing the effects tone to fade out and sound much more natural between switching on and off!


PLATE: Studio style plate reverb

CHURCH: Huge room reverb

SPRING: Classic spring reverb tank

EKO-VERB: Combines echo and repeated reverb

SHIMMER: It feels like the shimmer in a dream

COMET: As if the comet orbits between your amp and guitar

REWIND: It feels like you’re rewinding the tape

FOREST: It feels like have a sunbath in the forest

PULSE: similar to the fluttering pulse



Dimensions: 109*67*48mm


Input Impedance:2.2M Ω

Output Impedance:100 Ω

Rated current consumption:140mA

Working Voltage: DC 9V (center minus)

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