Joyo ZGPW DC Power Bank Converter USB to 9V (JP-06W) Isolated


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Product Description

JOYO ZGPW USB Guitar Effect Power Supply and Noise Filter - Isolated Output Power

The JOYO ZGP-W or JP-06 is a compact power converter, specially designed as a USB power supply for effects pedals. It can change your 5v mobile phone charger, computer USB port, or power bank into a guitar effect pedal power supply instantly.

The ZGP can be installed on effects pedals or other devices requiring 9v with a max output of 400ma, supplying a stable and clean voltage from a USB power source.

JOYO also includes a USB input cable in the box, so that you can use it to get centre minus DC 9V voltage by connecting your mobile phone or power bank to the ZGP-W. The output current reaches up to 400mA, ideal for supplying power to digital pedals.

ZGP-W adopts a special circuit that filters out ripple noise. This power converter features reversed polarity, overload, high voltage, low voltage and short circuit protection. If it malfunctions, then the LED indicator will turn off automatically and protect the circuit, and safeguard your device. It also supports wide input voltage and works from 5-9V DC. It is made of high quality materials that ensure stable performance.

Similar to the ZGP, the ZGPW will also filter unwanted noise from your pedalboard, so use it as a noise filter to isolated outputs in the pedalboard.

Regular analog guitar effect pedals working current is 20-30mA, while digital effects pedals average working current is 40-100mA, multi-effects processors and other higher end pedals working current is 300-500mA. Do not exceed the maximum load current mah, this may result in over current protection!

So please read your effects pedal s manual before using this product, unsure, please ask.


  • Input voltage: DC5~9V
  • Output voltage: DC9V
  • Output current: 400mA
  • No load current: 70mA
  • Output polarity: centre minus
  • Packing list: a ZGP-W, a USB-DC cable and a
  • DC connecting cable
  • Input polarity: centre minus
  • Output voltage accuracy: 5%
  • Reversed polarity protection: yes
  • Weight: 17g
  • Dimensions: 16*16*63mm

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