Joyo JA-03 Mini ACOUSTIC Guitar Pocket Amplifier with Headphone Output


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Product Description

JOYO pocket amplifier for acoustic-electric guitar allows you to be heard outside, in the classroom or around the house. This nifty little pocket amp has some incredible features. Most importantly, quality sound. Piezo pickups from guitars are brought to life and the tone control allows you to keep the sound from becoming too bright. The gain control allows you to practice your solos with distortion, without wasting power or waking up the neighbours. If you want to take your guitar outside, for a street performance, this thing will give your guitar the extra boost needed to get you heard. Other features such as the 1/8-inch (3.5 mm) stereo input allow the unit to be used for multiple purposes, such as playing music from your cell phone while walking or playing other sports outdoors or indoors.

The compact size doesn't mean there were any sacrifices made when it comes to construction. The plastic casing is sturdy, while the connectors remain secure even if tugged. The wheel-style volume control is smooth and has fairly good range; output only decreases when the battery becomes almost dead, a good indicator that it is time for a re-charge or battery replacement.

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