Joyo GEM BOX III Guitar Effects Processor and Amp Modeler


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Product Description

JOYO Gem Box III 3 Guitar Effect Processor & Amp Modeler

The New JOYO GEM BOX III is the flagship model of JOYO's multi-effect processors, with smart reversed modeling technology, you now having 61 high quality preamp modulations, 9 effects module, 157 effect types and 300 preset tones. Not only that it’s compatible with JOYO STUDIO software to upload AMP models connected to your PC or Mac to load in any IR file.

As a flagship multi-effect guitar stompbox, The JOYO GEM BOX III also feature the hottest and innovative function-impulse response, a.k.a IR. With 26 preset IR sample rate Cab models and supports 3rd party samples.

With 9 buttons and adjustable signal chain setting, you can adjust each built-in effect with ease, you can arrange each effect inside the box and save custom boards and tones. In addition to the functions you would expect from a guitar multi effect pedal the JOYO GEM BOX III features a guitar Looper, Drum machine, USB audio recording, Aux in and headphone out.

The JOYO Gem Box III is perfect for recording, rehearsing and live shows. Not only that it looks pretty cool too!

  • 61 high quality preamp modulations
  • 9 effects module, and a total of 157 effect types
  • 26 built-in cabinet modulations, supports third party IR
  • 300 preset tones
  • Adjustable signal chain lets you arrange the internal effects how you like
  • Various interface suitable for different venues
  • With user-friendly knobs
  • Programmable outputs for easy integration into any live setup
  • Supports USB AUDIO recording, PC editing and firmware update.
  • ( Windows PC requires ASIO4ALL driver)
  • With integrated 52 seconds LOOPER
  • Supports headphones output for practicing quietly
  • Supports Auxiliary input for audio playback
  • Drum machine with 40 drum patterns and 10 metronome rhythms.
  • IR sample info
  • IR file format: WAV
  • Sampling accuracy: 24bit(supports 16/24/32 third party IR files)
  • Sample rate: 44.1KHz(supports full sample rate third party IR load)
  • Sampling length: 1024pts

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