Joyo BSK-60 Busking Amplifier


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Product Description

Joyo has introduced a range of electric guitar amplifiers over the past few months, including the Bantamp FireBrand and the MA-10. Now the company has unveiled the BSK-60, its flagship acoustic guitar amp for 2019.

Joyo is touting the 60-watt, dual-input (guitar and mic) unit as an all-in-one box that allows for indoor and outdoor gigging without the need for a power supply, or even other band members.

Bluetooth connectivity and an Aux In jack makes it possible to provide backing tracks along with your playing, while an unlimited dub looper allows for creating your own accompaniments.

There’s also a Link jack that connects to a smartphone in order to use audio effects apps.

Additionally, a built-in rechargeable lithium battery provides up to four hours of power, making the amp ideal for busking or other outdoor play.

Other features include a multifunctional footswitch pedal with mute, anti-feedback, dub, chorus, delay and reverb functions, independent mic reverb and guitar reverb effects, built-in 9V/500mA DC output for powering pedals, an XLR jack for connecting to a mixer and more.

The BSK-60 is available for $420. For more information, head to Joyo Audio.


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