Joyo 212V 2x12 Speaker Cabinet with 2 Celestion V30s


  • ₱27,900.00


  • SKU: JY-212V


Product Description

The Joyo 212V is a very versatile speaker cabinet loaded with two 8 ohms Celestion V30 speakers.  You can use each speaker individually or you can combine them either in series (16 ohms) or parallel (4 ohms) using the selector switch.  The cabinet can accommodate up to 120 Watts of power (or 60 watts each speaker of used individually)


Dimensions: 795 x 315 x 545mm

Weight: 27.5 KG

Speakers:  2 pcs Celestion V30 8 ohms each - can be wired in series or parallel for 16 or 4 ohms impedance.

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