Hotone SP-30 Ampero Passive Volume/Expression Pedal


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Product Description

Ampero Press

Ampero Press is a compact, passive volume/expression 2 in 1 pedal designed not only for controlling Ampero series multi-effects, but also for controlling other musical devices (with external EXP pedal jacks) or being used as a passive volume pedal. Ampero Press boasts the DNA of the Hotone Ampero line: classic black and gold attire with a high-end textured finish. It has solid aluminum alloy casing, smooth and comfortable user experience.

Independent volume and expression output jacks can control volume and expression parameters at the same time.

No Power Supply Needed. 

High-quality Potentiometer Ensures Accurate Response and Long Life. 


✪ Volume/Expression 2 in 1 Pedal 

✪ Independent volume and expression output jacks  

✪ Solid aluminum alloy casing  

✪ Passive design - no power supply needed 

✪ High quality potentiometer ensures precise response and long life 

✪ Works with a variety of instruments and devices  


Pot Resistance

  • Volume: 100kΩ
  • Expression: 10kΩ

Dimensions: 81mm(W)*162mm(D)*51mm(H)

Weight: 430g


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