Hotone EC-4 Ampero Control 4-Button Bluetooth Foot Controller Pedal


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Product Description

Ampero Control is a compact, sturdy, fully programmable Bluetooth MIDI controller, that gives musicians flexible MIDI-based control via MIDI port, USB jack and Bluetooth. It features 4 footswitches, with each footswitch, you can send up to 16 different MIDI messages by different actions. You can also attach expression pedals or more footswitches to your Ampero Control depending on your needs. Furthermore, a dedicated smart mobile app lets you set every detail of your Ampero Control without any confusion.


Ampero Control supports a wide range of MIDI messages including PC, CC, Note On/Off, and others via MIDI, USB, and Bluetooth. With this you can switch presets, turn effects on/off on your pedals/multi-FXs, play/stop loops in your DAW, or even make a cool pad sound while playing guitar!  

With Ampero Control you can assign up to 16 different MIDI messages (or 32 messages divided into two groups) per footswitch with different press/hold actions. This makes Ampero Control very flexible and enjoyable to use. 



✪ Compact, smart 4-footswitch Bluetooth MIDI controller

✪ Supports standard MIDI, USB MIDI and Bluetooth MIDI input/output/thru 

✪ Sending/transferring MIDI messages to separated/combined MIDI outputs

✪ Send max. 16 MIDI messages by one footswitch (32 for A/B groups)

✪ 100 banks (each bank includes 4 footswitches settings, 2 CTRL/EXP jack settings and more)

✪ Different footswitch triggering actions for flexible switching and various uses

✪ Dedicated mobile App lets you easily set your controller on the fly

✪ 2 CTRL/EXP TRS jacks for adapting external footswitches/expression pedals

✪ 3-digit LED for MIDI message info and Bluetooth connection status display

✪ DC 9-18V or 5V USB bus power supply


Compatible Exp Pedal Pot Resistance

Max. 10kΩ

Power Requirement

9-18V DC center negative or 5V DC (USB)

Current Consumption

Max. 100mA

Working Range



258.5mm (W) x 55.5mm (D) x 49mm (H)



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