Hipshot Grip-Lock Closed Vintage Guitar Locking 3+3 Machine Head Set

Hipshot Grip-Lock Closed Vintage Guitar Locking 3+3 Machine Head Set


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Product Description

Vintage Guitar Tuner Upgrade Kit for 3+3 Headstocks (8.5mm Post Hole)

Has your beautiful vintage guitar spent its life in the closet because it can’t stay in tune? Give it a new life with the Hipshot® Vintage Tuner Upgrade Kit! Our Grip-Lock™ system securely clamps your strings for better tuning accuracy and stability, while the patented UMP™ (Universal Mount Plate) allows you to install the machines without marring, modifying, or damaging your headstock in any way. In fact, the only tool you need is a 10mm wrench. Now you can pull your classic out of the closet with no risk of lowering its value.

  • Vintage style tuners retrofit guitars with 11/32" [8.5mm] headstock holes
  • All tuning machines are .827" [21mm] post length.
  • Included UMP™ (Universal Mount Plate) for 3+3 headstocks fits guitars with three tuners on a side with no drilling or special tools
  • Grip-Lock™ pin and thumb wheel system clamps onto your string, no wraps needed
  • 15:1 tuning ratio for quick adjustment
  • Schaller® M6 Mini footprint
  • String post hole fits strings up to .060" (we can enlarge to .090" by special order)
  • Enclosed tuners come with Hex buttons by default with lots of button options available
  • Protected by USA and and foreign patents
  • Made in Korea
Schaller® is a trademark of Schaller Electronic GmbH.  Hipshot Products, Inc. is not associated with Schaller Electronic GmbH.

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