Guitar Pusher DelTex Collectible Guitar Pick Set with Tin Can - 0.71mm 0.88mm 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.5mm Delrin Tortex


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Product Description

DelTex Picks are made from Delrin material which is durable with the right amount of stiffness.  Similar to Tortex picks, it has the right amount of flexibility for a snappy, fluid attack that's bright and crisp. 

The set comes in a pick tin case that can also be used to store other picks.

The set contains the following picks:

  • 2 pcs - 0.88mm white "Pusher"
  • 2 pcs - 0.71mm "Acoustic"
  • 2 pcs - 0.88mm "Strat" "Tele"
  • 2 pcs - 1.0mm "Les paul" "SG"
  • 2 pcs - 1.2mm "Offset" "Semi-Hollow"
  • 2 pcs - Jazz 1.5mm "Headless" "Explorer"

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