Graphtech String Saver Resomax NV1 Autolock Bridge 6mm


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Product Description


The ResoMax 6mm bridge is made from our ResoMax alloy.
ResoMax is lightweight, high strength and full of harmonics that will leave your guitar dripping with tone.

All ResoMax bridges feature our patented magnetic lock to the steel posts that come with it. 6mm posts are used in many guitars made in Asia, such as Washburn, Cort, Schecter, and ESP.

The NV1 bridge is loaded with ResoMax alloy saddles to retain the 2KHz bite of metal saddles.

Triple plated finish for durability and good looks.

6mm post.

Bridges are offered in two post diameters - 4 mm and 6 mm.

Please check the size of the posts on your guitar to ensure the correct replacement.

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