Graphtech Single Ratio Tuner for Bass Modern Style Machine Head - Chrome


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Product Description

Following in the hugely innovative footsteps of the Ratio machine head tuners that were previously developed and released for guitar, the Ratio for bass takes that technology and adapts it to bass guitar. Standard bass machine heads come with a gear ratio of ~ 20:1 for each of the bass’ strings. However, as we know, each string on the bass has different physical properties, namely their diameters (ie. the E string is much thicker than the G string), causing each string to react differently to the turn of the machine head. This is why tuning one string can feel very sensitive and responsive, while tuning another string can feel loose and unresponsive, causing the whole bass tuning experience to be unpredictable and inefficient.

The new Ratio for bass machine heads have addressed this issue by modifying the outdated standard of a single gear ratio for all strings, and developed a gear ratio specific to each string, accommodating for their difference in diameter. The result is an even and predictable tuning experience across the fretboard. The unique gear ratios allow for each of the strings to react the same to the turn of the machine head. With the Ratio tuning system, once you know how one string will react to the turn of a machine head, you will know how the rest of the strings will react—the same way! For a standard 4 string bass, the gear ratio for the Ratio for bass machine heads is 48:1, 36:1, 25:1, and 23:1; for the E,A,D and G strings, respectively.

The Ratio for bass comes in two button styles, the classic clover shape and the more contemporary Y-key shape (chrome or black). They are also available 5 and 6 strings bass, in both the in-line headstock configuration as well as the 2+2, 2+3, 3+3 etc. configuration.  

Below are the ratio for both vintage and modern style tuners:



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