GP Nut Slot File and Sanding Block (to lower nut action)

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Product Description

These files are for slotting and fitting a new string nut, and will work for both bone and ABS, guitar, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, etc. Set of 13 files in multiple sizes on one ring. Whether youre a seasoned luthier or just looking to do some minor repairs on your own at home, these are a staple for your box of tools.


  • Easy nut slotting and filing.
  • Perfect for filing string slots into nuts.
  • Set of 13 string size 1-13 With the longer shaft length it makes them easier handling for filing string slots.


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Each rod length approx:55mm
  • Diameters: .0.4mm-1.6mm as shown in the pictures
  • Weight:12g


  • That these files are especially the smaller ones are thin metal can easily bend and. You need to work slow for smoother slots.
  • Care is recommended when using them so that they will last you a good while.

Use is for wood and bone, and soft metals such as brass, copper only. Not recommended for hard or ferrous metals.

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