Free the Tone SL-21DC 2.1mm Solderless DC Plug

Free The Tone

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Product Description


Simple, safe and durable "Solderless DC cable"

Over a long development period, we have completed a simple, safe, and highly durable "solderless DC cable". The DC plug cap and body, which look metallic, do not conduct electricity because they are made of insulating resin. Due to FREE THE TONE's unique double structure (patent pending), it is a self-made DC cable, but it can be safely used like a normal resin-molded DC cable.


In addition, the DC cable for the power supply line from the power supply to the effector is an important part that affects the sound, as well as the shielded cable of the audio signal line that connects the guitar and the effector etc.

Free the tone CU-416 is in this DC cable part. By using, you can prevent the influence of external noise, reduce the transmission loss to the limit, and supply electricity to the effector without stress.

"Solderless DC cable" can be easily made to your desired length. An ideal product with high durability that can be used many times. "Solderless DC cable" further expands the freedom of pedal board production and pushes your pedal board up a notch.


  • FREE THE TONE's unique double structure (patent pending) is devised to prevent loosening of screws and ensure insulation.
  • The cap and body of the DC plug are made of resin and have a safe design that does not conduct electricity.
  • The cable uses a shield structure type (CU-416) that is not easily affected by external noise. (Shared with solderless cable SL series)
  • The resistance value of the cable itself is very low, which can reduce the power transmission loss from the power supply.
  • It has the flexibility needed for wiring within the pedal board.


SLK-DCL-6 Solderless DC cable kit

  • A set of 6 SL-21DCL and 3m of CU-416.

SL-21DCS(S Type)

  • DC plug designed to fit a DC jack with a center pin diameter of φ2.1 mm.

SL-21DCL(L Type)

  • DC plug designed to fit a DC jack with a center pin diameter of φ2.1 mm.

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