Free The Tone CUI-6550 Low Capacitance Instrument Cable

Free The Tone

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Product Description

Model CUI-6550STD/CUI-6550LNG
Plug type Straight/Straight (S/S)
Straight/L-angle (S/L)
Length 2m/3m/4m/5m


In order to achieve our concept of ideal sound, our Integrated Series was started as FREE THE TONE’s 15th anniversary project, based on our expertise and extensive experience cultivated and accumulated over the years, and our innate sense of tone. The third release in this series is the “Instrument Cable CUI-6550.” The CUI-6550 cable has been productized as part of our Integrated Series by changing the structural members of our instrument cable CU-6550 and performing a different sound tuning. The CU-6550 succeeded in having a soft and natural tone based on the concept of creating a “sound you don’t want to stop playing.” The new CUI-6550 inherits the basic sound character from the CU-6550 but its tonal balance has been moved to the lower side in order to adapt to the modern music scene and achieve a more punchy sound that won’t be easily masked by other instruments. This is the kind of sound made possible only by FREE THE TONE thanks to our extensive efforts to check and tune our product’s sound at recording studios and concert venues. After investigating the many essential elements for instrument cables ― sound quality, durability, flexibility, weight, etc. ― in detail, we completed the CUI-6550 cable. Try it yourself and experience this sound!


  • Without changing the number of the core wires in the CU-6550, the diameter of each wire in the CUI-6550 has been increased to provide a more punchy sound.
  • A special double structure was applied to the insulator to be able to express an instrument’s specific harmonic overtones and depth of sound.
  • To be suitable for your applications, two types of plugs (long and standard) are available. The long type is ideal for a jack placed in a deep/long recess (such as a Stratocaster). The standard type is an all-purpose plug.
  • FREE THE TONE’s unique wave pattern is cut into the plug surface of the CUI-6550 to give your fingers a firm grip for ease in inserting and removing the plug.
  • A unique form has also been created inside the plug: The tip (signal’s hot side) section has a tongue-shaped contact. Compared with a conventional contact with a hole, this tip section provides a wider contact area for the core wires and improves sound quality and physical strength.
  • On the sleeve side to which the shield is connected, there are pins to clamp the cable firmly and to reduce the possibility of a wire break.


    Conductor Size 0.5mm²
    Construction 50/0.12A OFC (No/mm)
    Insulation Thickness 1.55mm(±0.05)
    Inner Jacket Thickness 0.25mm
    Shield Diameter 5.00mm
    Jacket Thickness 0.75mm(±0.10)
    Diameter 6.50mm(±0.20)
    Maximum conductor resistance(20˚C) 32.6≧(Ω/km)
    Capacitance(1kHz) Approx.80 (pF/m)

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