Free The Tone CM-3510-TRS DIN 5Pin - 3.5mm TRS MIDI Cable

Free The Tone

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Product Description

A new variation that uses an L-shape 3.5-mm stereo miniature plug has been added to Free The Tone’s “CM-3510” MIDI cable featuring its unique Free-Angle Cap structure that allows 360-degree access.
In recent years, a growing number of equipment uses stereo miniature plugs as MIDI I/O terminals. To be applicable to these devices, the “CM-3510-TRS” with one end terminated with an L-shape 3.5-mm stereo miniature plug is now available. As with “CM-3510” a 2-core shielded wire is used to protect the MIDI signal from extraneous noise and ensure stable MIDI signal transmission.

How to attach the cap to the 360-degree accessible DIN plug

1) Connect the cable to the MIDI terminal of your equipment.

2) Bend the cable in the direction you want to it to go and replace the cap.

3) Completed.

Note : When changing the direction of the cable while the cap is on, the cable may become disconnected. Remove the cap first and then change the direction of the cable.


  • Original FREE THE TONE design L-plug allows 360-degree access.
  • Two-core shielded cable blocks external noise and provides a stable MIDI signal.
  • Reduced plug size takes up less pedalboard space.

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