Free The Tone CM-3510 Angled MIDI Cable

Free The Tone

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Product Description

When assembling pedalboards for our customers we at FREE THE TONE sometimes wish we could work with better components. One such component is the MIDI cable. Conventional MIDI cables have many points where they could be improved: Using a MIDI cable takes up a lot of pedalboard space because it is terminated with large plugs and mostly plugs available until now are the straight type, and we have sometimes had to work out ways to achieve good pedalboard layouts since it is impossible to adjust the plug angle of the cable. To realize a totally new MIDI cable that can overcome these shortcomings, after two years of development, we have completed our MIDI cable with an unprecedented construction. With a free-angle cap structure that allows 360 degree access at all angles and miniature L-plugs, the CM-3510 drastically reduces the space needed on pedalboards containing MIDI pedals and simplifies complicated layouts. In addition, the CM-3510 uses a two-core shielded cable for stable MIDI signal transmission. FREE THE TONE's original MIDI cable with its innovative new construction is our ideal MIDI cable and it will surely bring your pedalboard closer to your ideal.


  • Original FREE THE TONE design L-plug allows 360-degree access.
  • Two-core shielded cable blocks external noise and provides a stable MIDI signal.
  • Reduced plug size takes up less pedalboard space.
  • 1)Find the opening where the CM-3510 cable comes out of the connector.
  • INSTRUMENT CABLE CU-50502)Locate the groove in the connector cap with your thumbnail.
  • SOLDERLESS CABLE CU-416 SERIES3)Pry the cap up and off the connector.
  • INSTRUMENT CABLE CU-50504)Connect the cable to the MIDI terminal of your equipment.
  • INSTRUMENT CABLE CU-65505)Bend the cable in the direction you want to it to go and replace the cap.
  • INSTRUMENT DC CABLE CP-416DC6)Completed.
Note : When changing the direction of the cable while the cap is on, the cable may become disconnected. Remove the cap first and then change the direction of the cable.

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