Free The Tone CB-6560 Microphone/Line Cable XLR

Free The Tone

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Product Description

As a pioneer and innovator in the building of sound systems in Japan, we at FREE THE TONE have always sought out unique solutions to a wide variety of requests from artists and engineers who are at the forefront of music creation in recording sessions and live performances. To find ideal solutions, we need to comprehend the “true nature” of the requests and then consider the right “conditions” to make them possible. This time we proudly introduce our new microphone/line cable “CB-6560”.

What is the essential quality for a microphone/line cable?
Our answer is quite simple:
“To express the beautiful sound of music."

The prerequisites for this include wide-range characteristics required for conveying various spectra from various musical instruments, neutral and natural sound that can accurately represent a musical instrument’s inherent tone, spacial reproduction capability to convey the depth of sound image, rejection of noise that that can tarnish a beautiful sound, and an extremely high signal-to-noise ratio. When all of these conditions are satisfied, we can realize our solution.
By achieving the goal of accurate musical reproduction, the FREE THE TONE “CB-6560” can express the beautiful sound of music.


  • OFC (oxygen-free copper) conductor and shield
  • Wide-range characteristics while maintaining a natural sound
  • Superb spacial reproduction capability with a high signal-to-noise ratio provided by a high-density (more than 94%) braided shield
  • Accepts a wide range of signal levels from very low microphone signals to line level signals of mixers and other devices


  • Conductor Size : 0.3mm²
  • Construction : 60/0.08A OFC(No/mm)
  • Insulation Thickness : 2.00mm(± 0.05)
  • Inner Jacket Thickness : 0.65mm
  • Shield Diameter : 4.60mm
  • Jacket Thickness : 0.3mm(± 0.10)
  • Diameter : 6.50mm
  • Maximum conductor resistance(20˚C) : 60Ω/km≥
  • Capacitance(1kHz):Approx.160(pF/m)

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