Fender S-1 Potentiometer, 4PDT


  • ₱2,790.00


  • SKU: FDRP250A14UHS1-S1-0061256049


Product Description

The Fender® S-1™ switched pot is a stealthy way to mod a strat without drilling any extra holes. The switch can be configured for almost any configuration with its four double-throw poles. S-1™ pots use a 3/8” bushing. 

KNOB and CAP NOT INCLUDED.  Sold separately

Fender part number: 006-1256-049 (250k) Knurled Shaft

Fender part number: 006-1260-049 (250k) Solid Shaft

Fender part number: 006-1257-049 (500k) Knurled Shaft

Fender part number: 006-1263-049 (500k) Solid Shaft


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