Dunlop 45RFT1.0 Meshuggah Fredrik Thordendal Nylon Guitar Pick


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Guitar Pick Crafted for the Heaviest Music Around

When you play music as heavy as Meshuggah, you need a guitar pick that can keep up. That's why Meshuggah's lead guitarist, Fredrik Thordendal tapped Jim Dunlop to craft some of the meanest picks around. Crafted from nylon that is hardened by — as Dunlop says — "space-age material," to ensure it is incredibly rigged. So if you need a pick that attacks your strings as hard as you do, grab the Dunlop Meshuggah Signature Nylon picks today.

Dunlop picks — top choice of the pros

Dunlop guitar picks are a top choice of today's pro musician (including quite a few of us here at Sweetwater). Dunlop's wide variety of gauges, shapes, sizes, and materials allows the player to select the exact pick for his/her own particular style of playing. From classic country to nu-metal, every great player knows that their pick is an integral part of their tone, and Dunlop guitar picks are the picks that more pros rely on in the studio and on stage. Picks are an underrated accessory. Don't sacrifice your tone...pick Dunlop guitar picks.

Dunlop Meshuggah Signature Nylon Picks Features:

  • Warm-sounding nylon material
  • Space-age hardener offers a rigid feel
  • .96mm thick

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