DROP Guitar/Bass Strap Adjuster


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Product Description

with DROP you can adjust the length of your strap to match the perfect guitar position for the part you are playing right now! 

DROP adjusts guitar strap length instantly with a push of a button, while playing, with perfect control.
every guitar position has its upsides and downsides, with DROP you can take advantage of all the upsides that each guitar position holds.

The DROPs strength test:

Achieve better Playability, comfort, and control when going from rhythm to solo and back, match different picking techniques, and decrease pressure and stress off of muscles and joints during long rehearsals and shows... 

 We want you to feel confident while playing as well as when purchasing a new amazing DROP so, we offer a one-year limited warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee.


DROP is made from a very durable plastic compound.
DROPs wire features Standardized Molecular Distribution Technology (SDM) - super durable and slick and can handle up to 220lbs/100KG.

DROP Fits All guitars, All straps*, and All strap locks.

DROP Fits right and left-handed guitars.
Adjusting stroke of 15'' (380mm).
Lightweigh, only 3.2oz (90gr).
Replaceable push-button for individual design - (Push button will be available soon in a variety of colors and designs).
*Cliplock Strap style adaptor will be available soon.

DROP is built to support you throughout your musical career...

We put service and warranty on top of our values, when you are satisfied, we have done our job right!

*Clip lock style adaptor will be available soon.
***DROP guitar strap adjuster does not include a guitar strap.


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