Curt Mangan Fusion Matched Nickel Wound String Set

Curt Mangan

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Product Description

Curt Mangan Fusion Matched Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings

Available Gauges (please select the right variant)

  • 9-11-16-24w-32-42
  • 9.5-11.5-16-24-34-44
  • 10-13-17-26w-36-46
  • 10.5-14-17P-26W-38-48
  • 11-14-18-28W-38-48

String Length: 43 inches

Nickel wound guitar strings are made by winding nickel-plated steel wire around a tin-plated, high-carbon steel core wire. Nickel wound guitar strings have a very balanced tonal response with sparkling highs, clear mid-range and defined bass. These guitar strings are available in many gauges as single strings and you can also build your own custom gauge nickel guitar string sets with you own perfect balanced tension.

Nickel-Plated Steel wound strings were introduced in the late Sixties and have become the most popular alloy for electric guitars and bass. Nickel-plated steel tends to offer the most balanced tone.

Curt Mangan guitar strings have an overall length of 43 inches with winding to 38.5 inches. All Curt Mangan guitar strings are made with USA made wire.


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