CTS 500k Potentiometer US Size 9.5mm Hole 1/4 inch Short


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  • SKU: CTSP500A14UH24F-A500S


Product Description

Time to upgrade your guitar with this high-quality potentiometer!

CTS is an industry name in potentiometers- this is the brand that pretty much every American guitar company has used since the 1940s.

500k is best used with humbucking pickups such as Les Paul, SG, Modern guitars, metal guitars or if you simply want to brighten your signal path coming from 250k pots. 

US 9.5mm bushing diameter and 1/4 Short height fits US/Mexico-made guitar and most higher-end pickguard / control plate equipped guitars like Strats, Teles, P-Bass and Jazz Bass. 

Specs for this Stock:

Value 500k
Type Standard Big Body
Bushing Diameter 9.5mm (fits US/Mexico-made and high-end guitars).  Can fit asian-made guitars as well by widening the hole with a reamer or sandpaper.  You can bring your guitar to a tech or luthier for retrofitting.
Bushing Length 1/4 inch, perfect fit for pickguard or control plate mounting
Taper Linear or Audio (Log) Taper (pls select variant)
Shaft 24 Fine Spline Split Shaft (fits US size knobs)
Torque Low or High Torque (pls select variant)


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