Cioks Flex Type 6 w/ 9V Battery Snap (Black)


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  • SKU: CIOKS-FLEX6-6030


Product Description

Type 6 - 9V Battery Snap

Type 6 Flex cables are black and fitted with a 9V battery snap or clip if you like. This Flex cable should be used with 9V battery powered pedals which don’t have an adapter input socket e.g. vintage Wah pedals or some MXR or Roger Meyer fuzz pedals. This Flex cable is available in two cable lengths 30 or 50cm.

CIOKS Flex Cables – Confused? This could help you!

This video is not about the standard Flex cables which only have one plug in each end – one connected to the power supply and the other to a pedal but rather the special ones in the Special Flex cables section. You can skip the first while and jump directly to 1:30 where the information begins.

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