Cioks AC Rider 1 AC / 2 DC Isolated Output Power Supply 9/12V


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Product Description


AC Rider link power supply is a superb solution for powering small pedal boards with a single pedal needing AC power source plus a mix of low current DC pedals and maybe a single medium current one. The first four outlets are divided in two isolated sections offering voltages 9 and 12V DC and a max. current of 200mA per section. For the AC pedal you have voltages 9 or 12V AC available on the last two outlets at a max. current of 800mA. This is enough to power almost any AC pedal on the market incl. the Line 6 M9.


  • 6 outlets configured in 3 isolated sections
  • powerful AC section with 9 or 12V AC
  • short circuit protection of all outlets
  • advanced LED monitoring of each section
  • 120 or 230V mains voltage operation
  • detachable mains power cord
  • courtesy AC mains outlet
  • CIOKS unique mains link feature
  • total of 9 Flex cables included
  • compatible with Pedaltrain and Temple Audio pedalboards
  • all pedalboard mounting hardware included


The AC section of the AC Rider link power supply is able to power any Electro-Harmonix vacuum tube pedal, any Kingsley AC pedal, any type of DigiTech Whammy, JamMan, Talker or other needing AC, any Boomerang product, Line 6 M9, any 4-button Line 6 modeler like the DL4 or MM4 (for these we rather recommend to use a min. 200mA outlet at 12V DC but 9V AC is also fine), Rocktron Banshee Talk-Box, Ibanez Tube-King Distortion, any Hughes & Kettener tube pedal, FoxRox Captain Coconut, EBS Valve Drive, any Musicom LAB Controller, Mesa Boogie V-1 or V-Twin, Provicence Controller, VanAmpsReverbamate, Yamaha Magic Stomp just to mention a few of the popular pedals needing an AC power source. You should only use one of the AC outlets matching the needed voltage for your pedal and leave the other not used.

The two isolated DC sections comprising of outlets 1-4 and providing 200mA each are able to power quite a few low current 9V pedals. If you have more than four you can use the Split Flex or 3-way daisy chain. Each section can also power a medium current pedal like BOSS DD-20 or CE-20, the digital ones from EHX like Freeze, Cathedral, Citar or the RingThing, tc electronic Flashback X4 Delay and all the small Strymons just to mention a few. Using outlet 2 or 4 set to 12V you can also power an older Line 6 modeler with 4 buttons like e.g. the DL4 or MM4. You should use the green type 4 Flex cable and leave the associated 9V outlet of the used section not used.

Having two isolated sections with 9 and 12V available you also have the possibility of powering an 18 or 24V pedal using a Stack Flex or Series adapter Flex followed by a standard Flex cable. One of the four outlets must be left not used then. For low current 18 or 24V pedals you should consider using CIOKS Booster Flex where the high voltage pedal can be powered using only one 9 or 12V outlet.

Courtesy AC mains outlet and link feature
This power supply, like the other from CIOKS link range, features a courtesy AC mains outlet. The unique position of the courtesy outlet and the AC mains input allows you to link two or more units together by means of an adapter. In this way you can power two or three power supplies just with one single mains power cord. You can combine different power supplies to obtain a custom power bank matching your specific needs. The courtesy AC mains outlet can of course be used for other purposes than linking products from CIOKS link range. The last unit in the chain will always have the courtesy outlet free to your disposition. Have a look at CIOKS universal mains adapter as a nice accessory to be used with this mains AC outlet.


Outlet 1-2: 9 or 12V DC / 200mA
Outlet 3-4: 9 or 12V DC / 200mA
Outlet 5-6: 9 or 12V AC / 800mA

Size: 130x88x39mm (excl. detachable rubber feet)
Weight: 1,0kg

Warranty period: 5 years worldwide

Order number:
ACR    CIOKS AC Rider link – Power supply for effect pedals with 6 outlets


Mounting CIOKS Eventide PowerFactor 2 or another CIOKS Link power supply under a Templeboard

This is a step-by-step guide on how to mount CIOKS Eventide PowerFactor 2 power supply or any other Link unit from CIOKS under a Temple Audio pedalboard. The considerations and way of mounting is the same with CIOKS AC Rider link.

CIOKS Universal Mains Adapter - MAda

This video shows how to mount and use CIOKS universal mains adapter. This adapter converts the IEC C13 courtesy AC mains outlet of a Link power supply into a wall outlet style socket of EU, US, or UK type for use below the pedalboard and another one avaliable from the top of the pedalboard of EU and US type. Very useful accessory if you run short of outlets and would like to use one or two of your pedal’s original adapters. Very useful accessory if you run short of outlets and would like to use one or two of your pedal’s original adapters.


CIOKS AC Rider link – manual – ver. 1.1

CIOKS STD LINK range drill template – ver. 1.1 – current version

CIOKS AC Rider link – manual – ver. 1.0

CIOKS STD LINK range drill template – ver. 1.0 – older version

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