Caline DC-10 Juice Box Isolated Power Supply 10 Isolated Outlets DC 9 12 18V


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Product Description

Product Overview:

Caline DC10 pedal power supply is ultra-compact with 10 fully isolated power Outlets, Unlike the large transformer fully isolated power supplies, this unique lightweight IC design is smaller, easy to mount and requires less space on your pedal board.
1. The Circuit has anti-ground noise and anti-interference treatment which delivers a 100% clear sound.
2. Each outlet is isolated and with Short Circuit Protection and Overcurrent Protection which is indicated by the LED lights.
3. When the output is connected the light is on, If a circuit failure occurs the light will go out.
4. Power: 18W

10 Isolated outputs:

7 outputs 9V DC @ 100mA
1 output 9V DC @ 500mA
1 output 12V DC @ 100mA
1 output 18V DC @ 100mA

Package Included:

1 x Pedal Power Supply
1 x Power adapter
2 x polarity reversal cables
10 x DC power cable cords
1 x user manual

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