Caline CP-62 Reflector Tremolo Guitar Effect


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  • SKU: CLNCP62


Product Description

This is a Tremolo that utilizes a photoelectric circuit which sounds just like one of the tremolos you would find in vintage tube amps. It is flexible yet easy to use. A simple three knob control allows for adjustment of Rate (Speed), Depth (how much the tremolo fluctuates) and Wave. The Wave knob is very cool because you can change it from a subtle triangle wave to a drastic square wave. This way you can achieve the classic tremolo sounds we all know and love as well as the more modern “stutter” sounds. It’s also possible to create amazing rhythmic pads, especially if combined with a cool delay sound. (Like the FILTER delay from our QUATTRO pedal)
Power Requirements: AC adapter 9V DC (center negative plug)
Current Draw: 50mA

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