Caline CP-34 Vintage Distortion Multi Mode Turbo


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Product Description

CP-34 “Head Room” Vintage Distortion

Yet another amazing sounding distortion pedal from Caline, this one is towards the dirtier end of the spectrum with the CP-34. The pedal has a good amount of bite and can do wonders for your tone. It's not just another generic distortion pedal. The pedal has a Volume, Filter and Distortion control and a 3 way selector switch with Solo, Turbo and Normal modes. This switch adjusts the frequencies in a subtle but useable way and the other controls still allow a good amount of control over your tone. Like all Caline pedals the Head Room is true bypass and runs off a 9v power supply or battery.



1. True bypass

2. Input Impedance:1M Ohms

3. Output Impedance:1K Ohms

4. Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative (9V power supply or battery --not included)

5. Current consumption: 20mA

6. Product Dimensions: 11.2x6.4x3.4cm

7. Weight:0.23kgs


Packaging information:

1. Dimensions of single box: 12.9x7.7x6cm





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