Bareknuckle CTS Custom Taper Potentiometer for Volume and Tone


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  • SKU: BKAP550A38UL24F-BKP


Product Description

BKP Custom Audio Taper feature a custom audio taper, smooth torque and +/- 10% tolerance and are specially made for Bare Knuckle by CTS.

These custom CTS280K pots are best used in Strats¨ and Teles¨ and the 550k for Humbucker-equipped guitars like Les Paul, SGs and other modern guitars.

Why 280k and not 250k? Why 550 and not 500k?

First we need to explain what tolerance mean. All potentiometers have tolerance mostly within +/- 10-15%. CTS pots usually have 10% tolorance, which means the values of the potentiometer can vary from 225k to 275k for a 250k pot or 450k to 550k for a 500k pot. If by luck you get a 225k or 450k pot (due to tolerance), it will slightly sound darker, which might not be desirable. By making the pot 280k and 550k, you are ensured at least 500k pot value. Yes, it can sound a tad brighter, but you can always back off the volume or a tone a bit to adjust the tone.You cannot do the same (increase brightness) to a lower value pot.

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