Aroma TDX-16 All-Mesh 4+3 Electronic Drums with Dual Zone Snare and Cymbals


  • ₱16,500.00




Product Description

The Aroma TDX-16 is for those who are seeking an all mesh electronic drumkit at a fraction of the cost. The 6 inch all-mesh pads will give you great tactile feel and rebound.  The 10 inch dual zone Crash and Ride with choke will enable you to do those cymbal techniques to perform any song.  With high quality drum kit sounds and USB midi, you can record high quality drums from direct recording or controlling a high quality drum plug in like superior drummer. 


  • 4+3 drum kit configuration (snare, 3 toms, hi-hat, crrash and ride cymbals)
  • 6 inch mesh snare dual zone
  • 6 inch mesh toms single zone
  • 10 inch half silicone crash 1 / 2 and ride cymbals with choke
  • Pedal bass drum
  • Module
    • 12 preset drum sounds, 144 sounds total
    • 43 drum music
    • music tempo adjustable. metronome inside.
    • fast recording and play.
    • Sound output
    • Earphones output
    • USB MIDI
    • AUX in
    • 9V power

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