Aroma TDX-10 Space-Saving Compact 4+3 Electronic Drums with 10 inch Dual Zone Snare and Cymbal Choke


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Product Description

The Aroma TDX-10 is the perfect drums if you need efficient space usage and fast assembly with minimal cable clutter, thanks to its simple design. 

The snare is 10 inch, which is bigger and has better tactile feel than most entry level drum kits.  Both crash and ride cymbal are dual zoneWith 12 drum kit sounds, 43 play along music, recording and AUX in, you'll have everything that you need to practice and record.



  • Standard 5+3 drum kit configuration (bass, snare, 3 toms, hi-hat, crrash and ride cymbals
  • 10 inch silicone dual-zone snare drum
  • 8 inch silicone tom drums
  • 10 inch silicone crash and ride cymbals with choke
  • Silicone hi hat with pedal
  • Pedal bass drum
  • Module
    • 12 preset drum sounds, 144 sounds total
    • 43 drum music
    • music tempo adjustable. metronome inside.
    • fast recording and play.
    • Sound output
    • Earphones output
    • USB MIDI
    • AUX in
    • 9V power

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